Special Thanks to "Pup" for his "Captured Moments"

As always being with my family of friends is the best time of the year. The weather was perfect and the sharing of competition and laughter was heartfelt.
Congrats to all the competitors this year.The "winds" did GREAT ! South won the distance bow shoot and North won the tomahawk and knife match. You have to watch those boys with those edged and pointed weapons !They are lethal .
A special kudos to those J boys for their  good shooting too ! Way to go boys ! I guess next year we are going to get serious again.I hope I can still hold my gun up.:-)You boys are tough .And yes the rest of my Black Hand family did a great job too. Your not as good as you once was ,but as good ONCE, as you ever was. Hmmm where did I hear that before? !
We came home with many winter projects .Before next year  I hope to get a few things done. Frank has made new mocs already and I just finished my leather bodice. Oh if only I could just stay insprired. It's time to start hunting and we are getting ready for Son's of Liberty next week end.
Well that's about all my news from Morgan state. Take care dear friends.
May everyone stay healthy and happy till next year and as always.
Keep On Trekking,
Granny Lin