Copper Cup Invitational

1st. Copper Cup Invitational
Black Hands Crush J Boys in the 1st. Annual copper Cup classic.

        T he first copper cup invitational was hosted by the J Boys this year at the Eastern National Rendezvous in "By God "West Virginia. The competition was fierce  as the Black hands grasped hold of the lead early in the week and the J Boys fought back with intense rivalry. The games brought out some of the worlds best participants ! Athletes traveled from all around the United States to compete for "Top Gun", some leaving loved ones behind just so they could participate. Three grouling events  were played in which participants labored to shoot and throw their very  best. After day one Rich "Hawk" Stephens and Jerry" Dead Eye " Newman locked horns, but Newmans'  hard work and determination would soon be squelched. Rob "Pretty Boy"  

The Tomahawk match was intense. Many competitors fell by the wayside during this event. "Bud" Pritchard's  performance was disappointing and definitely not his usual polished execution. The same with Joe"Kept man "Cramers style.Jim "HIGHBALL"Holmes fared well while " Blue Ribbon" Pell was pushed aside and tromped by rival "Blue Eyes" Pickins.
  "Bubba Pup "Suchora had some trouble warming up and the Black Hand women fared poorly in the knife and Hawk  portion of the competition.  Rob" Pretty Boy "Park was holding onto second by the end of the  day, while Hawk and Newman still fought for first.It was still too early in the week to tell who might rise from the ashes to push his or her way to victory. Linda"Annie Oakley"Best.was coming from behind while Indian Phil fought his way through the ranks resting at the  top of the pack.Todd and Dave were still trying to push their way through but by now the line was impenetrable
By day three many competitors would doubt they could fight their way through the crowd to rise to the top but all were still eager to try. Sizing up the competitionHawk was out of the gate with a strong start and hadn't missed a target in what was said to be an impossible course to ace. He was up to target 17 with still no misses.He took steady aim on an impossible target and .........ANOTHER HIT.
IS there no stopping this man???Number 18 ..............a smaller closer target...............Will he hold true? YES another hit. One more to go . HE studies the last target and adds a bit more powder to his load........takes aim on a  far  target ......squeezes off the trigger and YES HE HAS DONE IT! A perfect score on an un ace able course. Pretty Boy ROB comes in right behind him with  18 and the rest of his team scores in the top teens. This  shoots the Black Hands  towards the top of the page but the J Boys  are still breathing down their necks. Kim  Best does his Best and finishes towards the top with his impressive performance.take a prize
 The first copper cup invitational is a success. The team captains  followed by the rest of the teams drink a toast from the Copper Cup A victory saluteand look forward to next years games.

The last day the scores  are announced and no one has a total to be  ashamed of.
 Next year Rumor has it that top prize is 
FRANK ,s HOUSE Rifle . Start practicing Boys.
Granny Is !!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to All the competitors.
Results are as follows.
1. Hawk Stephens
2. Rob " Pretty Boy" Park
3.Kim Best
4. Indian Phil
5.Christie" Warrior Woman"
6. Jim"Highball" Holmes
7. Linda "Grannylin"
8.Frank "Bud" 9.Jerry "Dead Eye" 10. John "Bubba" (All TIED)
11. Todd
12.Steve"Blue Eyes"
13.Linda "Annie Oakley"
14. Jeff"Blue Ribbon"
15.Joe"Kept Man"
Thanks to all for their friendship and competition .
Keep On Trekking .................Granny