Fall COHT Rifle Frolic 2001
Indian Summer

Tomahawk attack at Fall Rifle Frolic
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We looked towards the oak trees as a warm breeze blew from the Southern sky. Spring like temperatures seemed out of place in the Ohio Valley early in November. The trees were bare from earlier frosts but the fields were still green .  A few cold nights had started the deer rutting and scrapes were seen at every turn along the trail.
Scouts were finding their way into camp by looking towards the cloudy skies for a peek of sun to determine direction.
which way is south As they approached camp they checked the perimeter for hostiles. Camp seemed safe but guns were kept close. Little did they know that natives watched their every move.

Gear was cached and it was time for a short scout. As we walked across the forest floor the fall leaves crunched and slipped. Frank spotted some turkeys through the woods. The turkeys watched us as they picked in the acorns for their evening meal. Several nice long beards were among the hens. We traveled on down the valley to see the famous "sacred tree"
sacred tree.jpg All the scouts had to stand in it for hopes that good luck would fall upon them in the coming of the new year.

The weather was getting more unstable so we headed back towards camp. The rain came down it sheets. Everyone ran for their shelter.Two more scouts arrivedScott and Tracy during the downpour and got soaked while hurrying to set up a shelter.As the rain slowed we got a fire
going to try to dry out some of the gear. Thankful it was a warm night it wasn't a bad night for sleeping.

Saturday morning arrived with a glorious sun .WE watched three deer sunning themselves on the bank across from our camp while we enjoyed our morning tea. Warm all day long we played like a bunch of children. Tomahawk and
throwing hawks knife throwing , bow shooting and smoothbore and rifle matches were the games of the day. We took a break for venison stewgranny cooks and corn bread for lunch.

As the evening grew near we knew the night would be clear and readied our camp for the temperature change. The fire was built up and bedsbed time were moved closer to the fire pit. WE sat and talked about the day we enjoyed till we drifted off to sleep.

Sunday we shot Hawks  new smoothrifle some more and finally everyone headed for home.A great time for all and a beautiful Indian Summer was enjoyed.

Have a Great winter friends,
Keep On Trekking,
Granny Lin