Sons Of Liberty Rendezvous 2005


The weekend of October 15th and 16th at Canters Cave ,near Jackson Ohio was about as perfect  as it can be.The leaves had just started to change color and the sky was as blue as an Ohio sky can get . In the daytime it was in the  mid 60's and it fell into the mid 30's at night which definitely put a little frost on the pumpkin. Canters Cave host an art show in conjunction with the fall Sons of Liberty Rendezvous that weekend.
We met a few of our friends there for some competition and to spend one last weekend together before old man winter blows  in the cold weather.

We shot Saturday and did well .We all cleaned up and walked to the art show that afternoon.The art show  was fabulous and we could not pick a" best of show "because they all were "the best"After the show we listened to the music at the" picnic in the Poplars" Next year we are trying the chicken dinner too!Thanks to all, for your wonderful hospitality .
Sunday we woke to heavy frost on the ground and frozen water in the cups. We ate breakfast and warmed up a bit then  decided to shoot smooth bores.That was a bit more challenging since most of us don't shoot them very often . Frank and I were neck and neck till the last target.Then after a little argument over if we tied which tie beaker would win........... I shot .........well I guess you had to be there but everyone roared with laughter and it sure made for a fun time.

I took a few more pictures and we broke camp. It was a beautiful weekend ,again with wonderful friends.
Take a look at the last picture of the target. My shot is NOT among these but this is 5 shots from 5 different people in our group. Nice shooting gang !
Well fall is definitely here and hunting season has arrived. Good luck to everyone and can't wait till I see you all again.Till then......
Remember to stay safe and well and to .............
 Keep On Trekking,
Granny Lin
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Beautiful Blue Sky
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Granny ANd Frank
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Frosty Morn
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Frost on the Ground
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Busy cool morning
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morning chores
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Howdy Lee
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Morning Rob and Kelly
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Get busy Blue Eyes
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Get up Hawk
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Fall afternoon
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Some good shooting
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