A fall squirrel hunt in Ohio
Frank watches for squirrels

The air smells of musty leaves and corn stalks cut down for the winter. Wood smoke drifts through the air. I hear a squirrel bark and it draws my attention towards the large beech tree.A  flock of geese fly over ,honking as they fly south. Autumn  is here and it is the most glorious time of year. Time for pumpkin pie,apple cider and hunting season. When one thinks of hunting season in southern Ohio we think first of squirrel season. Of having a walk through the beautiful fallen leaves and if we are lucky getting a few squirrels to fry or stew or fix with gravy. A long hunters delight .

It had been many years since Marvin had been back to Ohio to hunt squirrels .He was here from Montana for the Eastern and would not go home without at least one day of squirrel hunting. He missed the  hard woods and longed to walk along the forest path in his moccasins again for it had been more than twenty long years since he and Frank had hunted squirrels together on the farm where they both had spent thier youth.

Barb and Marvin arrived at our home around 2 o'clock and we donned our 18th century attire ,grabbed our smoothbores  and headed for the woods. We told them to go to the Hickory grove and we went to the oak woods.

We had not been in the woods long when we started to hear squirrels barking . We spotted a couple and crept closer. Frank dropped to one knee and I stood to the right of him. The squirrel he was watching was still a little far for him to shoot. I saw another come around a tree a bit closer and pulled up and shot to score my first for the year.Granny bags the first one Just then another stood on his hind feet and watched Frank from about 10 yards away. I was empty  now but he was still watching the one in front of him about 30  yards away. I whispered, " off your left elbow 10 yards," He whirled around and shot and that made 2 for the pot. I still hadn't loaded yet but we heard more so we both quickly reloaded. Frank let the squirrel lay to be picked up at another time and went after another. It wasn't long I heard him shoot again and we had plenty for a  nice meal.. Looking for more

The sun was going down so we headed towards home. On the way out of the woods Marvin and Barb were coming down the hill . He had 2 more for supper. They had a great time in the woods and had seen deer, turkey and even a box turtle. We were glad Marvin and Barbs visit home was so complete.Marv and Barb with two for the cook pot.

I must admit the Rocky mountains are truly magnificent but there is still something heart warming to walk through the woods on a fall day in Ohio, and if your lucky to even get a few squirrels for the stew pot.Just ask Marvin as he looks out his window this winter and stares at the beautiful mountain view. I bet he is thinking of a fall squirrel  hunt in Ohio , in the place he first called home.Marv in Ohio
Keep ON Trekking , Granny Lin